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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Anniversary

A year has gone, today is my first anniversary as a blogger and critic to what's happening around me... one year full of personal, local and international events and occasions, through this year I’ve tried to put everything that sparked my interest under the spotlight.
At 11:00 am on the 13th of Nov. 2010 my first post was published here!!  I remember that date very well as I was at my home, alone, and my family had gone to Aqaba, I was so excited and at the same time I was scared from my first blog post, I was thinking if I would get the traffic that I wished on my blog or not, are people gonna like the way I write or not. And too many other questions revolved in my head.
“I lost my chance” was the first blog post and one of my favorite posts; this post had made my voice delivered to the whole world around me and throught that post, I got my first 6 followers to my blog- I would like to thank them for their trust in my writings-, that they subscribed to get an email when any updates are being published by me, that’s why I’m in love with this post.
Now I have followers, I have fans … so the responsibility is getting bigger; to deal with the new situation and to be able to understand what is happening around me, I’m reading books, articles, newspapers and more, I’m reading novels and specially Dan Brown’s novels, he is one of my favorite writers, I love the way he writes - I read one of his novels more than 3 times -. 
In my first year I’ve written in many many different topics, I wrote in Technology, personal, political. Actually I didn’t imagine that I’m going to write about my personal life and what  happened to me, regardless of the name (Mohammad’s Opinions), I thought at first that these opinions would be about what's happening around me and not what is happening to and with me personally-but I was wrong .  And thus was the first article, purely personal, after that the articles continued to be more and more personal…

When I published the post :“My Twitter Account”, I thought that this post will be like the previous articles I’ve published before, but this article has surprised me,  According to the statistics from “Blogger”, it shows that this article,occupies, the first place, as the most viewed post on my blog, this article was written in only 3 hours, these 3 hours were enough to make this particular post on the top for more than 6 months, after that I tried as much as I can to go far from my own personal news, and Istarted writing about general topics like Technology, Politics and so on. But I’ll never stop here, I’ll write about Art, Religion, Science and everything that I’m interested in.
My friends, I promise you that this year will be full of the new, interesting, exciting and wonderful articles. So, I’m inviting you to subscribe to this blog and visit it everytime you feel like reading different topics in a new point of view.
Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your kind support either direct or indirect, through your comments on the posts themselves, or by sending them to me as an email.
 “Might our ideas and morals be similar, but our vision for the same things is different.”  Mohammad Herzallah.

Mohammad Herzallah.