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Thursday, February 13, 2014



A lot of you guys asked me to publish the new chapter of this story; I got many requests from all of my readers asking about it.

Actually, I wrote the new chapter 2 or 3 months ago, but I didn’t publish it due to some reasons that happened in the last few months, but now and after your lovely nagging on me to publish it, and specially after the very supportive call that I got from one of my readers in KSA telling me that she is checking the blog from time to time looking for the new chapter, I’m writing the new chapter to say thanks to all of you guys for the great support you showed to me and for your unbelievable patience that you have waiting for this post.   

Well, let’s not make it too long and start the new chapter of this story.

Last October I went to Dubai spending my Eid holiday with my family and friends there, it was one of the weirdest trips I've ever lived.

Any holiday supposed to be full of fun, joy, love and craziness since this is the purpose of any vacation, but mine was totally different … definitely because of you my girl.

No one could think that even when I decided to forget you and start my life looking forward to the next step in my life, you will be the opening conversation between me and my friend there.

After more than 2 years I met the old friends, we haven’t seen each other since we got graduated from the university as each one of us started his/her professional life in different country, because of this we’re no longer meet each other as we can’t take our vacations at the same period, however, finally I got the chance to go Dubai to see my BFF, hanging out all the day long talking about useless thing in our life just like the old days.

One day, he called me telling me that he will pass by to pick me up for a dinner and then to spend the rest of the night with each other, we went to a very nice restaurant called “Tony Romas” in Al Sheikh Zaiyd Road, after that we drove to the “Blue Bar” in Novotel hotel, the environment that night was wonderful, I was enjoying my time with the old friend until he asked his question, I heard the question just like anyone hears very hard news.

He asked me about my previous blog post (click here to read it), he said what is the story about the following / unfollowing thing that happened with me and how it had happened?!

Do you know what kind of grief I felt when I heard the question?
Do you know what kind of pain you let me feel in?
How will you know?

The feeling of being guilty and you have to prove them that you are lying, you are not stalking her, you are not trying to draw her attention or anyone else.
She is not the victim, she is the professional slowly killer, yes, you killed me twice, the first one when you disappeared without any word, and today when I had to tell my friends that I didn’t lie, I have the emails in my inbox if you are interested.

He said: one day I talked to her on BBM –between, he is a mutual friend - and somehow we mentioned that blog post (Follow/Unfollow), as per my friend she said two different stories;

The first one, “she said I didn’t follow him and this is not true (means I’m liar)”!
The second one, “she said I followed him by MISTAKE”!
What are you trying to say exactly??
You are social media expert, aren't you?
The notifications emails send upon any transactions on Facebook/ Twitter etc…
But I’m not too mean to share such things with anyone, but you forced me to say such silly words to tell the whole world that I didn’t lie to anyone of you and my story is not imaginary or fiction novel on my mind that I created to get your pity or kindness.
Actually I don’t care about the reason behind your follow, but I want you to know that I never lied to you and I will never do it now after this long time, but to say bullshit on me or tell fake stories I won’t accept it at all.
Finally, I beg you as an old friend to not fall down of my eyes or anyone else eyes because of your freaking mind and your weird thinking way.

Thanks a lot for reading and enjoy the below song:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Story of My Life

Story of My Life

I have chance to see her!! This is my first chance that comes to me since we left each other…

Well, tomorrow she will be in her company’s event as I knew form the shit Facebook, (I don’t stalk her, and she is not on my FB friends list) they have announced about their event on their FB page.
I will not lie to you or even hide it, directly I opened the event on Facebook to check out the date, time and the venue, to know if they will be suitable to me and to know if it will be during my residence in Amman or Riyadh, the best thing that the event is scheduled to be from 4th to 5th of Aug., wow the chance is not ready yet as I will be in Riyadh during this period, but after few hours they have extended it to 6th of Aug … (on my the first day in Jordan).

As usual and without any introduction, my heart starts to affect my mind and push on it to go.
To be honest I do want to go there to see her, talk to her, enjoying her smile and her curly hair, she knows that I do like her curly hair, for the moment I thought to go there and catch her from her hand and kidnap her from the event just like movies, put her in my car drive and drive while listening to her favorite band (Skillet) performing Comatose the first song from her to me, playing with her amazing hair and enjoying her smile, but if she sees me after the whole long time what her reaction is going to be ?
With all of my hopes to see her again and exactly at this time that I need her again in my life, I don’t want to make her gloomy if I went there and did any uncontrollable thing that makes her feel embarrassed at any moment of her life because of me and to not break her lovely image in front of her colleagues.

But at the other hand, she could be proud to have such a great surprise in this time, and to show her friends how much I miss her and ready to do anything for her.

Seriously, I don’t know what shall I do in this, shall I go, or let this chance go away? But if I left this chance no one knows when the second chance could be and then we will meet like we have never met before or we will see each other like somebody that I used to know.

To not make it long, I'm going to stop here, and in my next post you will know if I met her or not.

Thank You.
Mohammad Herzallah

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Seeing Your Name Made Me Full Of Hope

Just Seeing Your Name Made Me Full Of Hope

I have no words to start this post with, I thought and thought about any quote that might help me or inspire me to write it, but I found that I'm already inspired by you my girl, I mean by your email.

My Lovely Girl…
I opened my email -personal Email- this morning and I found the greatest reason that could inspire me to write again a great post for such a great girl, and one more reason that forced me to write it is that I heard your beloved song on the TV at the same time, (I Need A Doctor)…  ITS ALL FOR YOU.

I don’t use this email usually to communicate with friends or any other fields like submitting a CV or sth. I use this email only for my Twitter and Facebook accounts as such networks keep sending emails on each transaction on the network and this would be annoying for me in somehow!

I will not lie to you darling, the first thing I did is typing your name in the search bar to call the last tweet from you to me and suddenly I received the best email in the whole life from Twitter, honestly, I was so happy with this email more than the one I got from my company in which telling me that I will be transferred to KSA branch and accordingly my life is gonna be nice and I will be happy with the new step in my life.

I was expecting to see the last email from you in 2011, but that the latest email was in late late 2012 telling me that your girl is here again and she is following you on twitter, plainly I was shocked from this email.

·         Does she follow me again or it’s a fake email, ohhh common it's been sent from twitter man!!
·         Why does she come back again?
·         What was she thinking about?
·         Has she faced a problem and she wants me to help her?

All of these questions and more were running in my mind ..
But again I tried to push myself that she is ok and she having very happy life, also I tried to convince myself that she have done this by mistake but I know her, she will never do such a thing by mistake.

My Girl,
I just want you to know that your email made my day and  gave me great feelings and let me felt a feelings that I didn't since we were together, it’s a wonderfully sign from God telling me that I'm still on your mind and you think about me from time to time as I do.

Sweetheart you know that you’re my girl and you will always be, I will keep this love alive in my heart, soul and mind…

Thank You.. 

Mohammad Herzallah.

Click here for chapter 4 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

انا مع مين؟ انا حراك انا موالاة ولا مين ؟؟

سرقوا عمان
انا مع مين؟ انا حراك انا موالاة ولا مين ؟؟

اذا عمرك طلعت مظاهرة او اعتصام وانت مش عارف لشو هذا الاعتصام اكيد انت في الاردن.

انا من لما طلع موضوع الموالاة و المعارضة و انا ضد هذا التصنيف, بلدنا عمرو ما كان في اي نوع من التصنيف! طول عمري بعرف تصنيف واحد في الاردن – اردني او فلسطيني(بلجيكي) مع احترامي للجميع  لانو الاردن هلا صار فيّ بالاضافة لما سبق العراقي و السوري و اكيييييد المصري– اما موالاة او معارضة او حراك شعبي او شباب مش عارف شو كلو بلش بعد الربيع الزفت – الربيع العربي-  الي انا ضده جملة و تفصيلا.

ما علينا .. بما انو الربيع بلش و بلش في تونس و مصر وامتد لليبيا واليمن و علق في سوريا – الله يفكها عليهم-, قراروا شباب الاردن اللطفيين الي مش فاهمين الا انو انا اعتصم اذا انا موجود – الا من رحم ربي-!   يشبّهونا في الدول العربية الشقيقة بدون الانتباه او حتى التفكيير بعواقب هذا الربيع على البلد الي همه اصلا بقولوا احنا بدنا مصلحة البلد.
بدي مصلحة البلد!! كانت هادي الجملة دائما اتضحكني لما اقرئها ع توتير او فيسبوك- الله يخلف عليهم لانهم كانو السبب بالربيع العربي-

كيف بدك يا شب يا لطيف مصلحة البلد و انت مقضيها اعتصامات و سبسبة ع الحكومة و سبسبة ع كل واحد في هال البلد, كيف بدك مصلحة البلد و انت كل جمعة بتشل امل منطقة وسط البلد في عمان !! عمرك فكرت في اكم واحد بطعمي عيالو بس من رزقة يوم الجمعة عند الجامع الحسيني, عمرك فكرت قديش كلفت الدولة عشان تنزل الدرك و الامن لتحمي اعتصامك الي مش معروف شو الاجندة تاعتو, عمرك فكرت اكم صاحب مصلحة انت اذيت بس لمجرد انك دعيت لاعتصام يوم الجمعة؟؟ !! اكيد لا.

الصورة تتكلم!

شو جنّت مصر سوريا او حتى اي بلد مشيت ورا الربيع العربي ؟؟

1-      الموسم السياحي الاسوء.
2-      انهيار تام لمدة قاربت العام في بعض الدول للبورصة والتعاملات المالية العالمية.
3-      تفجير خط الغاز المصري الاردني اكتر من 5 مرات خلال سنة.
4-      انعدام تام للامن والامان في هذه الدول و خاصة مصر – على لسان اردني عائد من مصر-.
5-      وفوق كل هاد قعدوا فترة و منهم لا يزال تحت حكم الجيش.
6-      والاهم من كل الي سبق... ضحايا ما الهم ذنب.

بدكم نوصل في الاردن لهادي المواصيل و النتائج, اذا جوابك اه, انا لا , انا بدي بلدي يضل بامن و امان واستقرار, و من هادي النقطة بقدر اقولك تنتهي حريتك عندما تبدأ حرية الاخرين.

طيب.. واحد منكم قالي و الاسعار النار و الرواتب الزبالة مش قادرين نتنفس يا زلمة, يعني الرفعة الاخيرة للبنزين والله ما كانت متوقعة و ما الها داعي, ايام الذهبي كان البرميل ب 147 دولار و كنا ندفع 16 دينار حق تنكة البنزين و اليوم سعر البرميل 113 دولار ندفع حق التنكة 15 دينار !!

انا معكم و انا من اول الاشخاص الي عمل تغريده لجلالة الملكة رانيا العبدلله في يوم عيد ميلادها لما رفعوا الاسعار و قلتلها "هذه هدية الحكومة النا في يوم عيدك". انا مش ضد انك تقول لا او انا ضد هذا الشيء, انا ضد الطريقة الي بتعبر فيها عن رفضك, حتى برفضنا لاي اشي لازم نورجي العالم رقي وتحضر الشعب الاردني, مش الهمجية والتخلف والتخريب و التكسير.
الحمدلله الله ما بنسى عبادو, بعتلنا ابو حسين عشان يوقف بظهرنا ويكون معنا ضد هذه النوعية من الاشخاص, نصر شعبو على الكل.
اخيرا. كتيير مهم انو ما نوقع في نفس المطب الي وقعوا في دول الربيع العربي و نخاف ع بعض وع  بلدنا و انشالله غدا يوما اخر.