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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Twitter Account

While I was about to finish Paulo Coelho's novel (The Witch of Portobello), there was a beautiful (regardless what she did to me ) girl in the bus reading Najeeb Mahfouz, (actually I cant remember the novel's name.)

There was an hour left to get my direction, I need to talk to someone, usually I spend my time from Irbid to Amman reading a novel; but I finished my novel, I don't have any choice , I decided to talk to her, I asked her about her novel and to whom she likes to read and so on, by accident she read (Veronika decides to die) for the same writer(Paulo Coelho) before a few days...

well,-this was my chance to go ahead with her-, we asked each other who's your favourite author and which novel you liked much, then I gave her the (Witch of Portobello) to read it and to tell me her opinion about it , so far so good , when we arrived to Amman I asked her to add me to her Facebook list to keep in touch …

After that, we are close friends now, chattin' through FB about different issues without any formality.

While we were chatting and I applied to some open vacancies on the net ,there were 2 questions for the virtual interview job