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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Story of My Life

Story of My Life

I have chance to see her!! This is my first chance that comes to me since we left each other…

Well, tomorrow she will be in her company’s event as I knew form the shit Facebook, (I don’t stalk her, and she is not on my FB friends list) they have announced about their event on their FB page.
I will not lie to you or even hide it, directly I opened the event on Facebook to check out the date, time and the venue, to know if they will be suitable to me and to know if it will be during my residence in Amman or Riyadh, the best thing that the event is scheduled to be from 4th to 5th of Aug., wow the chance is not ready yet as I will be in Riyadh during this period, but after few hours they have extended it to 6th of Aug … (on my the first day in Jordan).

As usual and without any introduction, my heart starts to affect my mind and push on it to go.
To be honest I do want to go there to see her, talk to her, enjoying her smile and her curly hair, she knows that I do like her curly hair, for the moment I thought to go there and catch her from her hand and kidnap her from the event just like movies, put her in my car drive and drive while listening to her favorite band (Skillet) performing Comatose the first song from her to me, playing with her amazing hair and enjoying her smile, but if she sees me after the whole long time what her reaction is going to be ?
With all of my hopes to see her again and exactly at this time that I need her again in my life, I don’t want to make her gloomy if I went there and did any uncontrollable thing that makes her feel embarrassed at any moment of her life because of me and to not break her lovely image in front of her colleagues.

But at the other hand, she could be proud to have such a great surprise in this time, and to show her friends how much I miss her and ready to do anything for her.

Seriously, I don’t know what shall I do in this, shall I go, or let this chance go away? But if I left this chance no one knows when the second chance could be and then we will meet like we have never met before or we will see each other like somebody that I used to know.

To not make it long, I'm going to stop here, and in my next post you will know if I met her or not.

Thank You.
Mohammad Herzallah