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Monday, December 27, 2010


Today is 27 DEC. 2010, there is only 4 days for the end of this year...
One of my friends sent me a link for a website designed by an Amateur, for the first glance,  I found it very nice and the contents as well.

After a few hours when I was taking my cup of Tea, I thought in my first website I designed,  I'm a web developer and designer, there are  a lot of errors like the copy rights and some compatibility with some browsers like IE 8, FireFox, but in her/his website non of these errors were found.

So, the first thing came to my mind was why do the amateurs do their work in a correct manner, why their work always perfect ???.

Is it my skills that are bad , or my knowledge is poor ?.

Are the amateurs perfectionists enough to do all types of jobs ?

At this point I opened all the e-books about the web development I have, I read and I'm still reading in these books, but I still don't know if this is a good way or not, I'm so confused right now and my feelings are too.

In a few days I'll be graduating from the university with computer science bachelor degree, and the job seeking has already started even before the graduation, I've got too many jobs during my schooling days, I worked in some restaurants, a lot of cosmetics shops and also as a developer in one of the best companies in Jordan. But all of these jobs were temporary, and now it is the time to get a real and a fixed job !!

The feeling and believing in my skills are so and so unreliable, having these skills they will meet the requirements of the market ?.

well, that's it for now, and this post will be updated (exceptional) because the feelings will never stop.

By Mohammad Herzallah.