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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Twitter Account

While I was about to finish Paulo Coelho's novel (The Witch of Portobello), there was a beautiful (regardless what she did to me ) girl in the bus reading Najeeb Mahfouz, (actually I cant remember the novel's name.)

There was an hour left to get my direction, I need to talk to someone, usually I spend my time from Irbid to Amman reading a novel; but I finished my novel, I don't have any choice , I decided to talk to her, I asked her about her novel and to whom she likes to read and so on, by accident she read (Veronika decides to die) for the same writer(Paulo Coelho) before a few days...

well,-this was my chance to go ahead with her-, we asked each other who's your favourite author and which novel you liked much, then I gave her the (Witch of Portobello) to read it and to tell me her opinion about it , so far so good , when we arrived to Amman I asked her to add me to her Facebook list to keep in touch …

After that, we are close friends now, chattin' through FB about different issues without any formality.

While we were chatting and I applied to some open vacancies on the net ,there were 2 questions for the virtual interview job

1- In 100 words or less describe yourself .
2- what is the expected salary ?
I copied one of them and pasted it to her, (nothing wrong from my side till now).

Well, after that she read my question and she wrote “WAIT”.
That was the last word I read from her...
She deleted me from her Facebook list plus she blocked me too , and Twitter, even I can't follow her back on Twitter.
( For this point I don't know what I did to her ??? !!!).
I'll not go through describing myself at that moment,23.Feb.2011 at 11:45 am , and my illness(as I was sick),
I can't call this moment the Break-up date, 'cause neither I nor she took it as a relationship, but I can call it a nightmare or something like that...

According to what she did, I deactivated my Facebook account and my Twitter account as well . without reading any instructions of my deactivation, after all of this I found that my Twitter account has been deleted for eva' and there is no way to reactivate it again...!!
so big thanks to you my girl. And I'll never forget my username and my password on Twitter in a hope to be reactivated it soon. Finally I'm so sorry to all my followers, and to whom I'm following too, I'll miss all of you, and I will never make any account on twitter, because I'm sure they will enable the reactivation way in some days …

Thank you.
Mohammad Herzallah

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