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Friday, May 27, 2011

Integrate FACEBOOK with GAMIL

At present, Gmail is one of the mostly used email services in
the web and Facebook is the king of all popular
social networking sites. Integrating Facebook account with
Gmail can be very useful to everybody because we can sign in
to our Facebook account and use it directly in the Gmail interface
at the same time while using our Gmail account. Gmail Labs has
come with a great application which helps you in integrating
and using your Facebook account with your Gmail account.
Now, you can check the wall posts, news feeds
and the status updates of your Facebook profile and even pass comments on Facebook walls when you open Gmail to check for the mails in your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Labs uses a Gmail application called Facebook Gadget to integrate the Facebook with Gmail. The very first step is to enable the Gadget called “Add any gadget by URL” in Gmail Setting page and Save Changes.  This gadget helps you to add any application in your Gmail with the help of the URL of any other gadget.

After the gadget is enabled,  you can see  a new tab with name “Gadgets” in the tabs of the Settings page. Now, click on the “Gadgets” tab and there you can see a space to add URL. Add the f0llowing URL to that space.

You can see a new option with title “Facebook” just under the chat section of your Gmail page. There is a button named “Expand” on it.

On clicking the “Expand” button, you will see a page asking you to login to your Facebook account. Fill up your Facebook account details and sign in to Facebook.

login to facebook How to Integrate Facebook Account Into Your Gmail?

After you are signed in, you can see your profile similar to the one shown in the screenshot given below and you can make status updates,  see news feeds , make comments etc remaining within the same Gmail interface.

Now, you can enjoy using Facebook through the Gmail interface every time you sign in to your Gmail account.