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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bright Side Of The Social Networks

   One day my friends came to my home, we had lots of fun, we played, ate food and more. one of my friends gone to my laptop, he opened his Facebook account and the Facebook asked him to enter the computer name that he just logged in from, and he entered “ C “ -I think-, the main point is the name of the computer has been sent to his cell-phone... I was surprised from that, I asked him about it. He told me that he had done  through Facebook website and when they left, I tried this service from my mobile as we all knew all the services that are provided by Facebook are free and I also read that “Facebook does not charge for this service. Standard messaging rates apply.” (1)
   we all knew that each sms cost “0.04 $” + or – , but in this range. OK, I sent F to 98010, as I'm Umniah Jordan client, without any confirmation message they took “1.00 JD” that equal 1.45$  from my account.

   I saw that and the problem began …

   I called the customer service at 11:00 pm, I waited more than 15 minutes until someone picked up, I told them about my problem and he easily told me u should call the Internet customer care at a number that I don't remember, when I heard that, I flipped and I started shouting on him and I told him I wont call anyone else and my problem is with my mobile service not with my Internet subscription, so you have to help me, he didn't try to calm me down and he told me what is the number that you sent the message to , I gave him the number (98010) and he told me no not this number that you sent the message for , he continued you sent your message to 98066 – my angry was increasing – .I told him no I sent to 98010 and the message in my sent items box,and if what did you say right now was right I'll open a case against Umniah...
 after that he told me you must visit one of Umniah's shops where that we can help you more.
  I didn't go to their shops and I forgotten my money too.

 One month later...

    I was talking to one of my friends about my tweets and he told me you are tweeting every thing in your life, we discussed this and I told him my opinion about my tweets and about why I'm tweeting every thing, after that he told a story happened with his cusion's friend and the Royal Jordanain via twitter. The summary of her story that she was booking on Royal Jordanain and she went to the airport on time to find that her trip was delayed, and the Royal Jordanain didn't call her and also they didn't apologize to her, she started tweeting about her problem while she was waiting to her trip. On less than an hour her tweets arrived to Royal Jordanain and they called her and apologized to her too and they gave her a first class ticket for free as an apology

Well, that was cool, right ? I decided to to try my luck with Umniah on Twitter and I contacted them on their account on Twitter and I told them
“  @Umniahbelong takes from #FB users 1JD to give them sms services that already free,after that my mobile doesn't support this service RT plz “ and
“@Umniahbelong and they also didn't give me back my money daaaaamn on u #Umniah , u r the baaad company ever :( RT plz” .
Between us I didn't have any hope that they will answer me.
after one day they answered me

“ @MohamdHerzallah Good morning Mohammad, sorry for the inconvenience can you please send me your mobile number? “ .

less than 2 minutes my mobile number was with them. And after 3-4 hours they called me and I told her (the girl on the phone) about my problem and she gave me 2 suggestions to solve this problem,

1- activate the service on my mobile and resend the activation code .
2- refund the money to my account, and this is not sure to be performed.
 I chose number 2 and she told me I'll open a case about it and we'll get back to you soon, I thanked her , and every thing like a dream but it wasn't a dream.

 2 days later...

At 12 : 45 pm they called me and told me we refunded the money to your account and we are sorry about this mistake and have a nice day !! Thank you. Thank you.

This is the power of Social Media and Social Networks, you can take your rights in a perfect, easy, and good way, what are you waiting for. If you still don't have any account on Twitter or Facebook ? don't let all the useful things get out of your hands and don't be afraid and share all your problems with anyone (Individual,companies, or what ever it was ) and, I promise you that if you have evidence about  your problem you'll take your rights.

I don't need this song ;)

Mohammad Herzallah.